Friday, May 7, 2010

Web "Training Log" sites

I have been using several for nearly 6 months, to see which I liked best. To me the main must-have features are:
  • easy (preferrably automatic) upload of Garmin data and show result as nice graph of activity speed/pace+HeartRate+Cadence
  • graph of daily distance for last several months (so I can see how I am doing)
  • ability to send link to others without them having to be member signed-in (but with controllable access)
The sites I am trying, in preferred order, are:
  1. Daily Mile (Garmin import but no workout graph):
    • D.M. Workouts: nice open community for sharing workouts and progress
  2. Running Ahead:
  3. Run Saturday:
  4. Runners World (no Garmin import):
  5. Garmin Connect (no daily charts):

  6. Fetch Everyone (must register/login, nice time predictor):
  7. LogYourRun (must register/login, no daily graph):
  8. MapMyRun (must register/login):
  9. TrainingPeaksPersonal (Poor unless you pay):
So, what sites do you use and prefer? (and WHY)...


  1. I dig RunKeeper since I have an iPhone. It is pretty accurate and gives me some data to motivate myself, such as monthly, weekly, and daily activity information. It is not as in depth as some sites, but it definitely encourages me to run farther and faster each run. Can I beat last months mileage? Can I run faster than my last run?

  2. I thought about adding the iPhone apps, but drew the line at the Web-based logs. Like you, I believe that seeing training (or lack thereof) in black and white is a great motivator.

    The only thing that beats it is where everyone can see and comment on your training - and hence you get lots of good motivation.

  3. I really enjoy Endomondo. My co-workers and I have been using it to challenge each other in calorie-burning contests regardless of whatever activities we prefer... besides the web, it has great apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, and it seems to be very popular in Europe. (The company is based in Denmark.)